On January 29th, at 6:30pm we invite you to join Challenge Helena in the “point in time” survey in partnership with the United Way of Lewis and Clark Area. We will gather on the lower level of the Carroll College Commons (directions here), then disperse throughout assigned neighborhoods in Helena to conduct community canvasing on the night of January 29th. This effort is a part of a national campaign (learn more here). We will conduct a 15-20 question survey and make sure that “Everyone Counts.”

3 reasons we are doing this to address Homelessness:

  1. The Practical Reason: Because the total number of individuals and families that we count is directly connected to the amount of federal funding distributed. The federal government distributes funding to organizations in our state and community that work hard every day to alleviate poverty and homelessness. It is important that they receive the appropriate and adequate amount of funding to sustain and grow their work.
  2. The Philosophical Reason: Because the way that we define the problem determines the scope of our imagination for creative solutions. By conducting a comprehensive survey, we will be able to paint an increasingly realistic picture of the scope of homelessness in our community and contribute to the conversation locally and nationally about how we define homelessness and, in turn, imagine and implement solutions.
  3. The Real Reason: Because everyone counts. Volunteers matter because we can never have enough community champions to advocate for those experiencing homelessness. Most important, the people that we are seeking to count- veterans, children, families, men and women young and old – are part of our community and they matter.

Training is required; contact Penny Cope at 406-841-2846 or pcope@mt.gov to arrange training or with any questions.