Below is a list of local financial education coalitions—organizations working together at the local level to strengthen their financial education efforts and to provide a full range of services to their communities.

What Is a Local Coalition?

Local coalitions are community-based, bringing together educators and service providers to more cohesively and comprehensively serve the people living in those areas.

Why Local Coalitions?

The value of local coalitions stems from the fact that the local level is where financial education and assistance are accessed.

We hope you contact a coalition in your community to learn how you can participate, or, if your community does not yet have a coalition, contact us to discuss development. If you are part of a local coalition not included in our list, please let us know so that we can share your information and help with your efforts.

Financial Stability Partnership of Yellowstone County

The Financial Stability Partnership works to build a comprehensive infrastructure of services and policies that lead to financial stability for families and individuals, by coordinating efforts and strengthening strategic partnerships. The members of the Partnership include social service agencies, governmental agencies, and business leaders. The Partnership is sponsored by United Way of Yellowstone County. Click for more.

Bitterroot Financial Education Coalition (Bitterroot Valley)

The Bitterroot Financial Education Coalition (BFEC) is a partnership of Ravalli County organizations working to improve lives and strengthen our community by providing access to financial education that prepares individuals for life-long success in problem solving, decision making, and personal financial competence.  Click for more.

Missoula Financial Educator’s Alliance

The Missoula Financial Educator’s Alliance works to empower Missoula-area residents with the financial skills they need to succeed in life. The Alliance brings together financial educators from non-profit organizations, financial institutions, investment corporations, schools, and universities in the Missoula area that serve all populations. Click for more.

Partnerships for Elder Protection (Billings)

Partnerships for Elder Protection (PEP) strives to prevent abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of elders aged 60 and older and adults with disabilities.  PEP works to build  community partnerships which promote awareness and education, and provide intervention to eliminate vulnerability and isolation. Click for more.

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