Poster Contest

Poster Contest

“Save, Spend, Donate, Vacation” – It’s time again for MFEC’s Annual Poster Contest!

Submissions are due Friday, October 27, 2017. 

The theme for MFEC’s 2017 Poster Contest is “Save, Spend, Donate, Vacation.”

Encourage the children in your classroom, kindergarten through fifth grade, to learn the important life lesson of how to handle money responsibly.  The understanding of good and bad choices in using money will influence when and how a child decides to spend his or her money.  Winning submissions will be featured in MFEC’s 2018 Calendar! In “Save, Spend, Donate, Vacation,” creativity is highly encouraged.   Children must illustrate the choices to make with money they receive or earn.  Remember to use a lot of fun colors and fill the space!  The poster template is separated by these four areas and should illustrate:

  • Save -  something that the child would like to save their money to purchase
  • Spend –  something the child will use their money to purchase which should be a need, not a want. (Needs are things we must have to survive. Wants are things we would like to have.)
  • Donate – something the child would purchase to donate or the organization to which the child would donate their money
  • Vacation – place the child would save their money to visit on vacation


Poster Contest Materials

Participants must create their “Save, Spend, Donate, Vacation” posters creatively on the submission template provided below.  Please read the Contest Guidelines and prepare a Contest Permission form to accompany each entry.

2017 Poster Contest Template

2017 Poster Contest Permission Form

2017 Poster Contest Guidelines

2017 Poster Contest Submission Template