The MFEC is now reviewing the mini-grant applications they received this year.  The deadline for the submission of mini-grant applications was May 15, 2019.

The MFEC is proud to promote local efforts to expand financial education across Montana.  Mini-grants are intended to help support activities in local communities that are rooted in Financial Literacy Awareness.  The MFEC places an emphasis on applications which target high-needs populations and that create a best-practice or tool that is replicable.  Mini-grants may be used to augment existing activities or to implement a new strategy or program. Click here to read the MFEC Mini-Grant Policy.

Mini-grant recipients are required to submit a Grant Performance Report by December 31st.  This report allows the MFEC to track the impact that the program or event had on the local community in which the mini-grant was awarded.  This also includes the submission of photos taken at events or programs which have in part been enabled by the mini-grant.  These photos may be used by the MFEC on its website or other promotional materials.

Past Mini-Grant Projects

Through the generosity of our partners, the MFEC awarded five mini-grants in 2018 totaling nearly $4,000 in support of projects serving a broad range of populations across Montana.

Montana Family, Career and Community Leaders of America – Bozeman

The FCCLA incorporated adviser training on Financial Fitness at their annual fall Leadership Rally held at MSU.  The grant supported the training and implementation of a Financial Fitness project with the potential to reach up to 225 middle and high school students.

MSU Extension – Lewis and Clark County – Helena

This grant funded two projects: Money Habitudes and Solid Finances, with the potential to reach up to 80 low-income residents.  Money Habitudes allowed participants to explore their spending habits and move in the direction of improving their financial behaviors.  Solid Finances offered “Cool Your Spending: Financial Education Webinar Series” at libraries over the noon hour during the summer.

MSU Extension – Richland County – Sidney

The grant funded a one-day estate planning workshop that helped residents address financial and family issues surrounding estate planning.  The workshop reached about 20 Richland County residents.

Montana Youth Homes – Helena

This grant provided basic budgeting skills and other financial life-skills to eight residents of Montana Youth Homes.  The training provided practical financial skills the residents can use to help them live independently when they leave the youth home.

Park City School District 5 – Laurel

Park City School offered a Personal Finance Presentation Day for 26 senior class students.  The presentation consisted of eight speakers and focused on personal financial topics for students preparing to leave home.  One presentation was held in the evening and open to the public, with the potential to reach up to 50 people.


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