One of MFEC’s main goals is to build the capacity of financial education programs through the dissemination of ideas and best practices. We try to accomplish this in part through collecting and sharing of our partners’ projects. If you have a project you think will benefit our other partners, please contact us so that we can report on your success.

Looking for resources in your community? Our local resource guide breaks down our partners’ services by subject and the communities in which they are offered.

Please take a few minutes to read the following case studies from our partner projects.

Altana Federal Credit Union

The PBS show Biz Kid$ is used in Altana FCU’s financial education classes for middle-school students. Biz Kid$ teaches youth about money and business using the examples of young entrepreneurs. The show is broadcast for free; however, DVDs of past seasons cost $165 per season. Click here for the full story.

Arete Development Group

Arete Development Group provides Native communities in Montana with financial education and planning assistance. It also provides business consulting services to small businesses on and near reservations in Montana.

One of Arete’s initiatives is to use NaviPlan, a sophisticated financial planning software program, to help members of Native communities. Click here for the full story.

Community Action Partnership

CAP is in the early stages of developing a comprehensive education program for youth, including high-schoolers, to help guide them down the path to financial literacy. It is important that, by the time youth leave high school, they have adequate financial knowledge and are credit savvy. Click here for the full story.

Montana Credit Unions for Community Development

MCUCD supports the presence of consumer resource centers located at credit unions throughout Montana. Consumer resource centers are located in branch lobbies and provide credit union members with information to help them make sound financial decisions. The centers are located in 33 credit unions serving 42 counties in Montana. Click here for the full story.

Montana State Auditor’s Office

Laura McGee is the Financial Education Consultant for the State Auditor’s Office and an enrolled Blackfeet member. In her works, she facilitates financial education for Native students by connecting schools with programs which fit their needs, as well as leading classes and presentations. She assists schools on a case-by-case basis, providing them with the resources and instruction they request to address their particular needs. Click here for the full story.

Montana Women Vote

Montana women Vote is working to expand consumer education on payday loans to the demographics targeted by the marketing of the payday lenders. The education takes the form of simulative trainings where participants experience how customers can fall into a “debt trap” by taking out these loans, and directs them to alternative financial services and assistance.

For more information on Montana Women Vote, please visit

NeighborWorks Montana – Individual Development Accounts

NeighborWorks’ is working to promote individual development accounts (IDA’s) for first-time home-buyers through presentations at home-buyers’ education classes. However, funds are needed to cover the cost of traveling to classes to make the presentations. Click here for the full story.

Partnerships for Elder Protection

The Elder Justice Coalition of Greater Billings was formed on March 23, 2010 when representatives from over 35 community organizations met to discuss elder exploitation and abuse. The coalition, now formally named P.E.P. (Partnerships for Elder Protection), developed a strategic plan and mission to prevent elder abuse through community partnerships that promote awareness, education, and intervention in order to eliminate vulnerability and isolation of the elderly and adults with disabilities. Click here for the full story. 

Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Karleen Hanson of Rocky Mountain Credit Union has created a Jeopardy-style game to educate participants about the full range of financial products and services available at credit unions. The content and format have been developed and tested both in internal trainings and in one community session—where Hanson says it got a very positive response. Click here for the full story.

Rural Dynamics, Inc. – Budgeting for the Developmentally Disabled

Steve Cape, Education Program Manager at RDI, has devised the concept for a budgeting class for developmentally-disabled individuals who live independently and need a simple budgeting system to manage their finances. Click here for the full story.

Rural Dynamics, Inc. – Credit Counseling and Financial Education

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Montana (CCCS), an arm of RDI, requires a financial education course as part of its debt management plan (DMP). DMP is a voluntary repayment program designed to help individuals regain control of their financial situation. CCCS negotiates lower interest rates with creditors and facilitates payment of debt so that individuals can escape from debt. Click here for the full story.

Rural Dynamics, Inc. – Financial Education for Teenagers and Pre-Teens

Prosperity Club is a family-friendly financial education program. Education is provided to adults facing financial challenges, but the club does its best to accommodate their children as well. Kids of all ages accompany their parents or guardians to meetings at the Children’s Museum in Great Falls, where child care and dinner are provided. Click here for the full story.

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