The PBS show Biz Kid$ is used in Altana FCU’s financial education classes for middle-school students. Biz Kid$ teaches youth about money and business using the examples of young entrepreneurs. The show is broadcast for free; however, DVDs of past seasons cost $165 per season.

Heidi Knudson, Business Development Officer with Altana FCU, teaches the classes. She has the DVDs for the first season only, and would like to purchase DVDs for seasons two and three. Knudson uses Biz Kid$ in the classes she teaches several times a week to middle-schoolers. She has found that Biz Kid$ is best suited to a middle school audience.

“Middle school is the audience where it seems to work best,” says Knudson. The material “is too advanced for younger kids.” Knudson says that Biz Kid$ is also appealing to middle-schoolers because the presenters and profile subjects are teenagers: “Students can identify with them.”

Knudson teaches classes for middle-schoolers at Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, after school programs, and other places. The classes are important, she says, because teenagers “are a group with significant discretionary income. Many have jobs, and they’re using the income to do things like buy their own clothes and go to the movies.”

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