Every year, the MFEC offers scholarships for Montana Teachers (PreK-12) to attend the Jump$tart National Educator Conference.  MFEC teacher scholarship applications may be submitted online using the MFEC teacher scholarship application form.  The deadline for the submission of scholarship applications is June 30, 2020.  Please review the MFEC’s teacher scholarship policy before submitting the application.

Additionally, Jump$tart also has their own teacher scholarship program. The MFEC encourages you to apply to both to increase your chances of landing a scholarship. Here are the links to Jump$tart’s scholarship criteria and teacher scholarship application.

The next National Educator Conference is Nov. 7-9, 2020 in Atlanta.  This is the only national conference dedicated to personal finance education in the classroom and the professionals who teach it.  The conference is designed for K-12 classroom educators who teach personal finance or incorporate it into any other subject.  As a coalition of more than 100 diverse national partner organizations, Jump$tart brings together the resources, support, and expertise needed to engage, inspire, and appreciate classroom educators from across the country, who attend the conference on fully funded scholarships.  This conference offers classroom educators an opportunity to see, learn about, and try financial education resources to integrate immediately into current lesson plans, to meet with leaders from finance and education, and to network with colleagues from across the country.

Here is what two of our 2019 scholarship recipients said about last year’s National Educator Conference.

Janelle Berry (Skyview High School) — Overall the conference was fantastic, and it was so nice to talk shop with other personal finance educators. Thank you for the opportunity to attend!

Jill Page (Glasgow High School) — This conference is wonderful. If I could go every year I would. This year I took away some information on Investing and insurance in the classroom.  Also, to be around so many other educators and have a chance to visit with them and see what they are doing, what works, etc. is such a learning experience in itself. It is one of the best well-planned conferences that I have attended.