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Web Resources

Partner Projects


Web Resources

America Saves

America Saves is a nationwide campaign that utilizes information, advice and encouragement to assist those who wish to pay down debt, build an emergency fund, save for a home, save for an education, or save for retirement.

Hands on Banking

Ready to learn about money and have fun? Resources for 4th graders through adult, English and Spanish!

Money Smart

Money Smart is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) training program to help adults outside the financial mainstream enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships. A version of the program for 12 to 20 year-olds is also available.

MyMoney aggregates financial information from 21 federal agencies, departments and bureaus. Users will be able to find information on planning for the financial impact of major life events and money management tools. The site includes resources for teachers, service members, women, parents, youth, employers, and more. The site is available in Spanish.

Practical Money Skills

A web site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life.

66 Ways to Save

Tips to save money on insurance, utilities, banking/credit, transportation, housing and other areas.

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Partner Projects

The following are partner projects we learned about through our partner projects page.

Montana State Auditor’s Office

Laura McGee is the Financial Education Consultant for the State Auditor’s Office and an enrolled Blackfeet member. In her works, she facilitates financial education for Native students by connecting schools with programs which fit their needs, as well as leading classes and presentations. She assists schools on a case-by-case basis, providing them with the resources and instruction they request to address their particular needs. Click here for the full story.

NeighborWorks Montana – Individual Development Accounts

NeighborWorks’ is working to promote individual development accounts (IDA’s) for first-time home-buyers through presentations at home-buyers’ education classes. However, funds are needed to cover the cost of traveling to classes to make the presentations. Click here for the full story.

Rural Dynamics, Inc. – Financial Education for Teenagers and Pre-Teens

Prosperity Club is a family-friendly financial education program. Education is provided to adults facing financial challenges, but the club does its best to accommodate their children as well. Kids of all ages accompany their parents or guardians to meetings at the Children’s Museum in Great Falls, where child care and dinner are provided. Click here for the full story.

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