What is the Teacher Recognition Program?

All of us have memories of a favorite teacher.  Someone who made a difference in our life by believing in us even when we did not believe in ourselves.  Someone who went above and beyond to provide extra help before or after school.  Someone who helped unlock our potential by inspiring and motivating us to learn.  These teachers deserve to be recognized!

The Teacher Recognition Program is a collaboration between the MFEC and its partners to recognize local teachers for their excellence.  Each quarter one teacher is selected by representatives of the MFEC.  This teacher will be featured on the MFEC’s website and social media feeds and receive a prize courtesy of one of our partner organizations.  All nominated teachers will be mailed a MFEC care package.

Who Can Submit a Nomination?

Nominations can be submitted by a student, a group of students, parents, school administrators, or any member of the public.  Whenever possible, letters or electronic nominations from students are preferred.

Who Can be Nominated?

Any teacher in an elementary, middle, or high school in Montana is eligible.  Nominations are encouraged for teachers that have helped educate students with valuable life skills including but not limited to financial literacy or money management.

How Can I Nominate My Teacher?

Nominating your teacher is easy! Please complete the electronic submission form below or write a letter telling us what makes your teacher special and mail the letter to:

Teacher Recognition Program
P.O. Box 200546
Helena, MT 59620

For our young writers, please ask an adult for help mailing your letter or submitting the electronic nomination.

Electronic Submission Form

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Teacher and School Information

If you have this information handy, it helps us connect with the school.

Why You are Nominating This Teacher