Do you have an idea for a business that you want to get off the ground? We encourage aspiring business moguls to submit their original business idea(s) for a product or a service.

At the Secret Millionaires Club, we are looking for business ideas from budding young entrepreneurs 7 to 16. Enter your ideas today in the 2nd Annual "Grow Your Own Business Challenge," sponsored by the Fairholme Foundation. The grand prize is $5,000 plus a chance to meet Mr. Warren Buffett. Teachers win prizes, too!

The Secret Millionaires Club “Learn & Earn” program teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship through activities for kids in the classroom, at home, and in other settings where students and families learn. A robust array of complementary financial literacy materials, sponsored by the Fairholme Foundation, have been developed for free distribution to schools, youth organizations, afterschool clubs, and families. Classroom-specific activities are aligned to Common Core State Standards and national financial literacy standards to ensure maximum integration with classroom curricula, and activity guides for parents, volunteers, and afterschool-club leaders allow for easy implementation by any adult facilitator.

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